Men’s Asolo Hiking Boots

There are several different styles of men’s Asolo hiking boots. Asolo boots are great for any man who plans on tackling some rough terrain. These boots are designed to take on any land or weather you may cross on your hiking adventure. Asolo boots are also quality made footwear that will last you forever. They are a little  more expensive than other boot brands, but they are well worth the price when you consider their style, safety appeal, and their over all quality.

One of the top designs of men’s hiking boots that Asolo features is the “Revenge GTX” boot. This style that Asolo makes is a great design and one of the fastest selling hiking boots on the market. They are made of a suede resistant material that is great for any weather or terrain you might come across. They are able to get soak and wet and still maintain their original shape and color. They also have slide resistant soles for those who like to hike up mountains. The Asolo Revenge GTX is not only a great looking pair of boots, but they will also keep you super comfortable. The lining of these boots is made of Gore-Tex Performance comfort footwear. These boots provide safety and they are also very lightweight and comfortable.

Another great style that Asolo makes for men is the FSN 95 GTX pair of hiking boots. These boots are uniquely designed while still having most of the same qualities as the Revenge GTX. The FSN 95 offers air injected polyurethane mid soles that sit on top of it’s Asogrip rubber outer soles for stability and cushioning.  These boots also feature Asoflex, a thermoplastic insole that provides torsional stability and control while protecting you from falling and bruising on the rough terrain. The FSN 95 GTX also has toe boxes and heel counters for increased durability.

Depending on your style preference and how the terrain is that you are hiking, there is surely an Asolo men’s hiking boot that is best for you. These boots are great for day hiking, but they are also great for back breaking trails with rough terrain. The Asolo Revenge GTX or the FSN 95 GTX are both great designs that would satisfy any man who is planning a hiking trips. These boots are quality made and guaranteed to last.